Paul Roy Taylor,PSY.D

Paul Roy Taylor,Psy.D

I have had the opportunity to work in all levels of psychological care, which provides a wide variety of clinical experiences to draw upon for treatment. I have worked in outpatient care for four years, treating such concerns as addiction, mood disturbance, and peer and relationships issues, as examples. Additionally, I worked for three years in partial hospitalization and residential treatment programs, which involves a higher intensity of both need and severity. For example, frequent diagnoses relate to severe substance addiction, bipolar I and II, schizophrenia, psychosis, and other such disorders.

I attended the California School of Professional Psychology, which is an APA-accredited program, where I earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology (2015). I earlier graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Linguistics (2008). My research and continued clinical interests are in regard to how adults and adolescents  psychologically adapt – or don’t adapt – to technology, dating apps, and social media.

I provide LGBTQ-affirmative therapy and have significant experience working with clients living with HIV/AIDS. I am a sex-positive ally to the kink community, sex industry workers, open and non-monogamous relationships, etc.

My areas of specialty are addiction; peer, romantic, and familial relationship struggles; self-esteem; sexual concerns and dissatisfaction; and difficulties with work, school, and post-adolescence.